The Count of Monte London
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    Johannes van Loon. Illustrations for Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius. Star Atlas. 1660.

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    spring night — one hour worth
    a thousand gold coins;
    clear scent of flowers,
    shadowy moon.
    songs and flutes upstairs — threads of sound;
    in the garden, a swing,
    where night is deep and still.

    su tung-p’o (1037-1101ce)

    photos by atomiczen in new zealand’s lake tekapo and tazmania’s cradle mountain

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    im laughing so hard because no matter what song you listen to 

    spiderman dances to the beat

    no matter what song
    ive been testing it and lauing my ass off for an hour


    Ha ha it’s true! As long as the song has some beats, it works

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  5. So I was lazy to get the hot choc mug from the table because I’m comfy in sofa now it’s gone cold. grrrr…

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A friend’s classmate went to open his presentation…


    A friend’s classmate went to open his presentation…

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